Andre Silva - Someone shoot me please?

  • So.... I never knew he’d got a move to Sevilla πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Decided to sell a chunk today to purchase some other players and then I notice the πŸš€ boom in Silva price. Only me! Chin up πŸ˜‚

  • ouch... one of the reasons i don't often buy for pb as Aguero holders (who there might be more now as he played before the 3pm cut off) might of thought he would have cracked it today. Think its happened before to him.. Constantly being taken off with 10-20 to go plays a huge factor in him losing points... That said i didn't see a Andre Silva hat-trick coming??

  • He flattered to deceive at Milan maybe Sevilla with prove his hype., only 22 still .

  • I've owned him ages and kept the faith with him. I bought him at Β£1.26 and he dropped at one point to Β£1.06 with links of a move to Galatasaray, and yet I still kept him. I'm thinking he's one I perhaps should keep a while and see if he grows more.

  • @Barkez_86 proves the point on one of the discussions on here that FI should be updating the players clubs when they move. He still shows as Milan so that's potentially cost you.

  • I sold him during the WC as I thought he looked awful, another one of my many FI mistkaes to add to me list :)

  • Could be worse,you could have bought Lo Celso yesterday just before his big dropπŸ™ˆ

  • I got him at around a quid and sold up at about 1.24.....kicking myself!!!!!!!

  • I made done well on him. Picked up a load at 1:16! Last night was unexpected mind. I nearly sold up, but then again he may do well and grab even more dividends. 🀞

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