Lo Celso

  • Been absolutely spanked this morning as reports emerge he is looking to leave after being disappointed in his playing time. What are your thoughts on this? Could be a great time to buy

  • @Blue-Python He was a great PB scorer. Not sure what's going on at PSG, looking at their recent line ups or appears they want to play kids!

    Personally I'm not a fan of Tuchel, I expect him to be sacked by December. And Lo Celso to stay at PSG. Personally, I'm buying more

  • All depends where he'd be off to I guess? Obviously a move outside PB league would see a big drop. But he's class so I think there'd be plenty of interest. I'd love to see an EPL move in January.

    It's worth noting the score was 1-1 when he came on (80th min) they won 3-1. I think he'll be starting again very soon and as already mentioned his PB scores are great.

    I couldn't believe Argentina played Mascherano at the WC instead of Lo Celso, then they have a problem with creativity. Oh well Sampaoli paid for it with his job, perhaps he should have watched a few more PSG games last season!

    I think there was a bit of panic mentality yesterday - I did notice one trader buy around 1000 of him during the panic - if I had spare cash I'd top up.

  • I’ve just gone pretty big on him. Hoping his price has bottomed out and from what I’m reading, he’s unlikely to move to Portugal if he does leave. I reckon he’ll be a big player for PSG this season.

  • Don’t want to be needlessly contrary, but we have no evidence yet that Lo Celso has some underlying brilliance for PB.

    Last season he was registering some big scores because he was starting CM in a dominant possession-based team that scored hatfuls of goals.

    He’d need to move to Man City, Bayern, Barca or Real Madrid and be assured of a starting spot to replicate this set of circumstances.

    He’s a good player but a few months starting for PSG tell us nothing about how he’ll shape up for PB if he turns out for a team like Porto / Valencia / Dortmund.

  • Just helped myself to some futures at a discount price, only needs to play the next game and will see price shoot back up, have seen this with numerous players over the last year.

  • One thing I've learnt about my year on football index is that the cream always eventually rises to the top. Lo Celso is a great player, great future, shown superb historic pb scores and only turned 22 years old in April. I'm holding firm.

  • Just doubled my holding in him, Seems like a good chance for some easy money when he bounces back

  • I bought into him yesterday just before the drop,saw the reason why and was very doubtful,bought a few more but probably should have lumped on,might be wrong but just seems to be a poor move for lo Celso and psg.

  • Bought 300 in May for £2.00

    Sold 100 at £3.50 a couple of weeks ago when he was left on the bench by Tuchel for pre-season friendlies

    Sold the rest at £3.00 when he was benched for this weekend's league game

    Not tempted to get back on think he's only worth £3.00+ playing every week for a dominant team too much uncertainty right now

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