Am i doing this wrong πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  • Can somebody please explain to me why Gareth Bale was in the green pre match and now in the red after scoring a goal in a 2-0 win ???

  • @Mwerdna probably based on his pb score and the fact he was subbed off. He got 116 pb last night which wasnt bad but he got subbed off reducing his chance of earning pb. People like their forwards scoring high and playing 90 mins. He will almost certainly bounce back so i wouldnt panic ( i dont hold atm)

  • @Noirx4 thanks :))

  • @Noirx4 do you think Aguerro will rise or should i sell with profit ?

  • @Mwerdna will all depend on next game. If he bangs in a brace he will rise again

  • Currently people are playing quite a short game with PB days. When a player starts and does well (even if they don’t win Pb) then their price rises. Likewise if a player doesn’t start or does play but not for long and the Pb is quite low then people are selling up. It’s crazy as there’s so much more of the season to go but not enough people looking at the longer picture at times. At the end of the day though, if you feel they’re worth it then hold on

  • @FranklynMary thanks for the reply, I told myself to not panic with short term losses, but then I started to worry, Bale is a player I decided pre season that he would have a great season, but then after scoring and losing value I started to think that the top end players are not a good idea, I've got 70 shares in him so it's a bit worrying seeing the overall profit of 0.5% turn to a loss since yesterday :((

  • @Mwerdna I don't think it's just the top players. I held a portfolio of young players and they went down by 1.5% overall over a week. I think people are buying into players who do well for MB and PB. I sold about 20 players last night and bought 15 new ones, all of whom are still young but are mainly the best in the world for their age at PB. Hopefully they are the future stars and return MB in time as-well.

  • @HappyLarry59855 Please explain PB and MB, I can't find any information on here, don't know if it's because I can't use app with my Android .. if u have a link or just some personal information 😁

  • @Mwerdna Glad to help. MB = Media Buzz Dividends. PB = Performance Buzz Dividends. I yesterday joined Football Index Edge which you can type into Google and then join which shows players who win it most or have high PB and MB scores. Noirx4 has data as-well if you message him, though I haven't used it. Best of luck.

  • @Mwerdna I'm amazed that you seem to have put over Β£500 into a single player before finding out how Football Index works (I make that assumption as you've asked someone to explain PB and MB, if I misunderstood you I apologise). Before you do anything more, please go to YouTube and watch the video "A Beginners' Guide to Football Index" by "Football Index Guide"! It should help you (and any other newbies reading this) a lot. Also check out the FAQ thread in the "Comments" part of this forum and, of course, read the game rules on the FI website (although the info about dividend deadlines there is probably still wrong).

  • @BL__FI I did read but still didn't get it, because the other day it was so much PB on Pogba and his value sunk, but then obviously has risen significantly since, yes 500 is quite much on one player but as I mentioned earlier I had high hopes of something special with Bale and the Buzz would be high due to life without Ronaldo, maybe I'm not getting the General idea of how it works like u said, thanks for the reply

  • @Mwerdna Okay think I got what you meant now - you understand how MB and PB work, but were confused by someone's price dropping even though their scores weren't too bad? That's fair enough, it does take some getting used to. Best idea is to just watch the market until you get the hang of what causes rises and falls. As someone above mentioned, with Bale it was probably because his price had risen a lot out of expectation he'd fill Ronaldo's boots so to speak, which hasn't happened immediately, so some people sold up / took some profit. Might still occur though.

  • @BL__FI was just looking at this old topic from myself, amazing how little we all know in the beginning, i know so much more now and still feel like there's more to learn every day that passes, obviously FI make the learning process much harder with certain trials like G&A because nobody really knows how the traders will react, it's fun but also painful learning the ins and outs of FI.

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