MB and PB compared to portfolio value

  • Looking at my portfolio over recent days, seeing alot of my player valuations decrease.
    Obviously, PB has affected some players values, how is this effecting traders who's strategy is based on PB? I know that the valuations will rise and fall depending on performance, but, if your not making enough profits through PBs and your portfolio is dropping in value, players who aren't making profits via MB or PB, losing value and inevitably will cost you investments as no one will buy them.

    Also, with the impending penny stocks, what are people's thoughts on this effecting players holding value and their MB and PB value.

  • I'm the same. My profile is a sea of red which isn't great. Between media buzz, then transfer window, then PB and next penny stocks... the goalposts for what represents a good investment keeps changing. That makes it a volatile market and the introduction of penny stocks does make me a little nervous. Money seems to move around the index all the time and I just can't see penny stocks (and the resultant rush for cheap players who might get a transfer to a bigger club) causing anything other than loads of people to sell higher priced players (to fund their cheap buys), leading to another crash in their value. The way I see it (and people might see it differently) but the current trading prices are propped up by the fact that all the money on FI is funnelled in a maximum of 200 directions. If you pull the plug out the bath... My hope is that it would just be a temporary dip.

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