Anderson Talisca

  • Need some info guys..... so just found out his move to China was only a 6 month loan deal and it doesn’t have an obligation to buy, so he’s going back to benfica round about December..... anyone think he would be a decent investment? Considering he was linked to a few of the big boys before he went over to China?

  • @Chris95 I have been keeping an eye on him too,no real info other than he's doing well over there but my plan is to start buying a few before Dec an keep an eye on transfer spec,any news and I'll jump in.Not sure about buying now.

  • @Chris95

    I think a few guys on the platform have the same idea as you.

    Most will wait till nearer December before getting involved. Otherwise it will just be stagnant money. His price will only rise about 5/10p between now and December.

    Once the transfer rumours start again, I expect him to be up near the £1.30 - £1.50 range.

  • @johnboywalker
    Well when he was linked to some premier league teams he went round about the 2.40 mark I believe, he’s easily got the talent to succeed in any of the top 5 European leagues think he’d be mad not to go back to Europe.... but .... stranger things have happened.

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