• What are peoples thoughts on Jesus? Where do you see him price wise by Christmas? Currently at £4.66.

  • I think he's a top, top player. He was one of my first buys on here as a result, but that was before I fully understood how the Index works...

    While he's probably not gonna win any Media Dividends anytime soon, he's surely good for some PB in that City team. I guess the fact he's not a definite starter might be holding back his price, but I still think he's a decent investment. Can't see his price going down, only upwards, but not sure by how much!

  • Aguero will pick up a niggling injury at some point - he always does. At which point, Jesus becomes the attacking focal point and will be in the hunt for divs.

  • @NewUser52765 said in Jesus:

    Currently at £4.66.

    (Cross not included)

  • @NewUser52765 I held him and other Man City players but got no MB or PB.

  • I've held him before and was one of my most frustrating holds, lost count of the amount of times he would stray offside and at a time where most players have seen dramatic increases due to increased traffic he is 20p down on what he was a few months ago. That said i think he will eventually come good but in similar circumstances to Firmino at Liverpool i think the midfielders at Man City will do a majority of the scoring.

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