Consistent, proven PB players

  • I have set aside a percentage of my portfolio that I want Spread across 10 PB players. Only interested in players with proven track records who are likely to pick up reasonably regular dividends over a season. Which 10 players do you recommend?

  • @TommyT why not grab my data product for £1 and identify them ;). Email

    But to give you an answer ever banega has pedigree and performed well before being subbed off yesterday. Also toni kroos is the pass king.

  • I Rod also scores well. As does Messi. As expected really

  • @Noirx4 Cheers for the offer may consider in the future.
    Two very good suggestions I think. Both just had big rises. If they have a few quiet weeks and drop a little will definitely look at them.

  • @PaulR Yes already on those two. Not sure if J Rod will be fit for Friday's game. Think he is great value at the minute. If I was to lump on one player it would be him. If he can avoid injuries I think he's the best PB midfielder on the index!

  • @TommyT

    As with all players, the PB score is very much dependant on the team/managers style of play.

    Historically, James Rodriguez has posted excellent PB scores.

    At the moment, it's not clear how this Bayern Munich team will play under the new manager Nico Kovac.

    If his tactics with Bayern start to mirror the direct approach he adopted with Frankfurt, then I think players like Rodriguez might suffer as a result.

    I have no doubt Bayern will win the bundesliga with ease. I just think they PB points spread might be different under Kovac.

  • Thiago has brilliant pb he is just an injury wreck, i cant bring myself to buy him In case he does an all or something.

  • Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Salah, Parejo, Aguero, Coutinho, Dybala, Greizmann, D Silva

    The first 4 are also good for MB and that is why they cost more

  • I bought into Football Index Edge. I looked at the young players with the highest PB averages and bought 15 of them. Mainly they are around £2 but hopefully will double by next season.

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