Flipping tactics

  • Ok, I give up- you mother flippers are ruining my portfolio with all of this volatility, so it's time I join the short term trading.

    Question to kick this thread off- what's your sell tactic.

    e.g. I bought a defender the other day at £1.19 on the back of him scoring a goal.
    The spread meant he needed to increase to £1.23 for me to break even on the instant sell, and then he needed to go up to around £1.25 to make sure I didn't lose out because of commission.

    Interested to know where would you wait for his price to get to before selling? And what are your reasons?
    I sold at £1.29 to try and lock in some profit.

  • Very good question, and one i've been wondering (to an extent myself). You read and see all these people claiming they've made X amount but the reality with my flips is that the spread/commission eat a large chunk (sometimes all) of the profit. The risk is the player doesn't rise enough and you're actually at a loss when it comes to thinking about moving the money into someone else.

    At the minute, a lot of high profile players are trading at significantly lower prices than they did 1 month ago. Not sure if this represents a worry for the index, if its just in the wake of PB and money being moved around, or if these players are actually a better long term buy now?

  • This post is deleted!

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