• Starting to look cheap considering his Mb buzz record and at United, one of my longest holds.

  • A lot of that MB was the result of his uncertain contract situation at Arsenal and subsequent move to Man City / Man Utd.

  • I just dumped all of my Sanchez, no one is buying him and sadly he looks like he is on the way down.

    I hate instant selling, hope I have made the right decision, now I have some cash burning a whole in my pocket so to speak!

  • I dumped him too

  • His age was the determining factor for me, playing card1 comment got into my head and then I realised he’s been dreadful for United so bit the bullet.

  • I sold him off last week he’s pants

  • @NewUser60527 Starting to look cheap considering his Mb buzz record

    Surely that is just historic - looking forwards how is he even going to win MB at his own club with Pogba/Mourinho let alone FI overall? He's currently 536 & 17th most expensive player on the index - How is that even possible??

    I am genuinely interested in why his holders/fans can see anything other than a fall in price going forward, for a nearly 30 year old, who isn't a guaranteed club starter (so PB opportunity will suffer) & has shown no sign of good form since signing an astronomical salary contract (so unlikely to get another big move)?

    Surely there is a list as long as your arm of better value players with more chances of winning MB/PB &/or capital growth?

  • @NewUser159387

    Yes your right, i was wrong, probably the United fan in me being biased and hopeful.

    The same thing will happen to other players though, just shows timing is critical on this platform.

  • Keep selling him guys i get paid end of the month 👍

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