instant sell

  • hi im quite new and wish to instant sell a player. how do i do this anybody please ?

  • I haven't instant sold a player before but I think you click on the sell button which then brings up a box. That has an option to choose how many shares in that player you want to sell, then click the instant sell option?

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

  • Hi, Click on Sell and enter the number of futures you want to offload. Then click the Instant Sell button, and confirm within 30 seconds. However, there is a 3% lower sell price, and then 2% commission on top (5% deduction). You can also join the Sell queue, where you enter a price you wish to sell at, this would be the price someone else would buy at. It can take a few days sometimes. You may cancel the trade at any time and reset the selling price, or Instant Sell and take the 3% hit.

  • thanks all

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