Short term traders are good for you

  • Seen a lot of people getting annoyed by people keep flipping PB players for 2% hits and say things like, 'I can't understand these short term flippers' and, 'I'm holding for the long term as I know they will grow'. Ask yourself this, why will they grow?
    If everyone had your plan of just sitting on their players, never adding or selling then the only way a player could grow was from a new user (which admittedly there are a few atm). My point is it's the short term traders that cause the increases in value of players and this volatility creates interest for more short term traders to trade into (and yes, out of) these players.
    If there was no volatility then a massive percentage of traders simply wouldn't bother with that player thus limiting his potential rise.
    In conclusion, short term traders are good for long term holders as they create the very conditions needed for players to rise.

    Would be interested in people's thoughts on this :)

  • Player values also rise because of what they do on the pitch, and on what's been seen, what they may go onto. I would say players with potential are a better bet. A year ago,KdB was under £2.50, and because of his ongoing talent, he's now double. To each their own, but whichever way you go about it, do your homework!

  • In addition to this, a lot of traders will sell up on a player due to one bad PB game, thus dropping their price and creates opportunities to buy players at a lower price

    I have a number of targets that I think will post decent PB scores throughout the season, and I am waiting for them to post a less than great score so that it means their price drops and that's when I will buy

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