Scout the next Mbappe

  • After seeing the sharp increase on Mbappe last year, who do you think could be the next big name among youngsters?

    I have been looking to articles and videos and many people talk about Willem Geubbels, Myziane Maolida, Mikel Oyarzabal, Jadon Sancho.
    What do you think? Even though they won't play every game and not return dividend, do you think they're worth putting some money in?

  • @NewUser152597 if you think they will break through within 3 years worth a punt. Buy and hold.

  • I've heard promising things of David Otto. But I can't really recommend anything about it.

  • @NewUser152597

    I think Oyarzabal will play a lot this season and played the number 10 role in the first game. Hence I have just bought him, especially with Real playing in some single match days soon there is a possibility of some PB.

  • Isaac Success at Watford - Needs a run of games, but strong, quick (pace and feet), tricky as you like. I am seeing this through a yellow blur (but did predict the Richarlison rise...).

  • @Happy-Hornet
    Will he play? Got my eye on him as a 4.5 fwd in FPL!

  • @Indexical

    Will get 20minute / 30 minute cameo’s over then next 4-6 weeks, although if Deeney or Gray get injured his time may come and he must take it...

  • Well according to the reports in France they seem to think Geubbels will be the next big breakout star, obviously this will take time through his age... but he’s a wide player that they seem to think as he fills out more with age he’ll be able to be a more consistent version of someone similar to Anthony martial, and eventually move him more central, they don’t know about Mbappe level.... because the Monaco president said that’s a once in a lifetime thing ( produce him through youth ) but they don’t doubt he’ll hit the same heights or slightly more consistent than martial, so he would be my pick 👌🏻

  • Martial was the new mbappe before mbappe arrived if you get me until Jose killed him. Only 22 though lets hope Jose goes and the manager puts things right!.....

  • @NewUser152597 I have currently bought a lot of young players who I consider to be on the verge of having a breakout season. At the moment however my portfolio continues to slide downwards as people buy the already top players for PB and MB. I do hold Geubbels and Oyarzabal and expect them to improve further. It's scary seeing good young players like these however stagnate or not go up. as the rest of the index is rising, but I'll hold on and hopefully they all start to rise soon enough.

  • Moise Kean has been tipped for the top
    Young Juve striker

  • Mohamed Lamine Diaby ( Nice )

  • @HappyLarry59855 Similar situation to me. I've noticed a drop in my portfolio over the last few days in particular and wondering what's causing it. I don't hold Lo Celso or anyone with a huge drop recently and the increases I have, should have offset.

    I've also invested a lot in unproven players with big potential. Guess we just need to keep the faith. This has served me well on the platform to date so will carry on. Is difficult in these times but I remember my portfolio stagnating for a few weeks before, and then boom! It will happen, just give it time.

    I think you are right that people are putting their money in proven PB and MB players. Nothing wrong with that I guess, but more long term strategy is the way for me. I've always judged the player before their FI value or PB history with the belief that good players will always be successful and find a way to the top.

  • @metropolis Yes, it does get a bit nerve wracking though when your portfolio slides from £18,670 to £18,000. That does include me selling a fair few players and re-investing elsewhere however so in reality I've probably gone down £300 rather than £670, as £370 is loss from commission and instant sell. I'll hold on as long as it takes though. Best of luck to you aswell.

  • @Comrade I hold 400 of him.

  • @Chewbacker I hold 400 of him.

  • @Chris95 I hold 400 of him.

  • @TheSleepingGiant I hold 400 of him.

  • Went in on Myziane Maolida, think he should play most games for OGC Nice so should have the chance to show what he is capable of.

  • Domingos Quina is also meant to be something special. I doubt he'll become 'the next Mbappe' but once he gets a run of games in the Premier League for Watford he'll be making people sit up and take notice. We've a smaller squad than in previous seasons, which means an injury to someone like Hugher or Pereyra could easily see him expedited to the first team...

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