First investment

  • Hi guys I have seen football index advertised for a while and decided to take the plunge yesterday and make a small investment. Can I get peoples thoughts on my buys.
    Paul Pogba x 6
    Roberto Firminho x 3
    Jesus x 2
    Marcos Alonso x 3
    Francis Coqeulin x 4
    Fernandinho x 2
    Jamie Vardy x1

    Intial cost 87.38 small profit showing after 24 hours 1.93 plus one divided for pogba.

    Any advice would be great.

  • @Richard fernandinho is not the best one to hold as he is very consistent but not high enough scores to win dividends. Plus is competing with man citys high scpring mids. Otherwise seem perfectly good choices

  • I can't see Coquelin earning you any dividends in the form of PB or MB?

  • Pogba 100%

  • @NewUser165544 Coquelin's obviously not a big goalscorer, but his top PB score last season was 202, so if he can do that again on the right day he has a chance of PB. I think he's been written off by many for being "rubbish at Arsenal", but he still has potential as an FI hold in a decent Valencia team. Ideal case would probably be finishing 3rd in the CL groups, as they could go quite far in the EL.

  • Pogba on fire at the moment ! Careful though as he tends to be up and down depending if he's winning buzz or not. I'd just hold long term and collect the divs

    Firmino I'm not a fan of as he's competing against salah and now mane every game

    Jesus also not nailed to start or play 90 mins which damages his PB chances

    Defensive mids are not generally great unless they score goals - don't know when coquin last scored ?

    I'd recommend checking out some of the discussion threads on here (cheap players e.g.) to get in on a few less well known options , and look at some historical Data on who has won dividends if you can

    Welcome and good luck !

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