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  • I'm really sorry if this sounds cheeky of me to ask a question on here, especially as I'm a newbie, but I was thinking it would be really good if other sport's could be included in the index in the future. Do you think it would be possible to add other sport's into the index ? I was thinking of golf & tennis. I'd say that there are definitely enough participating sportsmen/women competing. As a cricket fan, it would also, be wonderful if cricket, rugby & even horse racing (horses & jockeys) could be added too. So sorry again if I'm maybe overstepping the mark :)

  • @NewUser2025 The creator of Football Index actually originally wanted to do a "Celeb Index" and has talked about branching out into other sports. I think golf and tennis were actually two that were mentioned. Don't know if there are concrete plans to actually do it though. I read on Twitter that they also trialled including football managers in MB but decided against it as they won every day.

  • @NewUser2025 By the way, did you sign up to FI years ago but only start using it recently? I'm just confused as to how a newbie got such an early user name!

  • Hello BL & Thanks for your reply. First of all, Yeah, I have been on here for a while mate & nmuch longer than I thought. I've just had a look back on my past transaction's & it say's I started on the 23rd of December 2015. Looking at my first purchase & sale, it was obvious I had a lot to learn as I bought 1 share in John Stones for £2.22 & sold him for £2.23 !! :-D Oh, I hadn't heard about a 'Celeb Index' being their first idea. Mmmm .. I'm not sure about that concept & also, how good I'd be at it. Having said that, I reckon Simon Cowell's & Robbie Williams' price would start to rise a round about now, what with X Factor being just around the corner. I'd love other sport's to be added BL. I'm just watching the cricket atm & if cricket was in the index, Jos Buttler (he's scored his first test 100 today) & Stuart Broad (just reached 3000 test run's) could've been a good buy yesterday. Good Luck with your trades & Thanks again for your comment :)

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