Constant PB in September and October

  • Just wanted to share the exciting news that after the early September international fixtures we’ll have almost uninterrupted PB game days for several weeks.

    League matches recommence on 14 September until the next international break on 8 October. And there’s an eligible game every day except Monday 24 Sept.

    Ligue 1 schedules haven’t landed yet so even this day could pick up a game.

    It feels like the next few weeks could be very special for FI. Enjoy!

  • Shame, I'm enjoying lots of dividends from MB at the mo with Pogba and hopefully VVD today amongst others. I dont think uninterrupted PB game days is a good thing but each to their own.

  • Has anybody tried to workout how many full Mb days there are to pb days in a year, could be interesting.

  • Well someone worked out recently that there were 206 PB days last year of which there were 84 Single, 33 Double & 89 Treble so that leaves 159 days for full Media days.

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