What has been your biggest return on a player?

  • For example, where you have bought for 50p and sold for double the price or more?

  • Ruben Neves - bought for 80p on IPO and sold for around £2.50 on the back of Liverpool rumours, I sold up when a picture from a removal firm did the rounds on twitter moving him into his home in Wolverhampton, luckily by that point it hadn't been picked up by the wider community!!

    Apart from that, I've been quite trigger happy with my holds and sold up when they are at around 20% profit, only for them to carry on rising, so I'm definitely learning to let them from now on

    This week I've barely touched my portfolio and I've seen a 7% rise in total value in the space of 7 days

  • Trent Alexander-Arnold, bought a load for £1.03p and sold for £2.13p. Biggest return and also my biggest regret selling him!!!!! Currently have a few Mboula's, bought for 55p currently worth about £1.30 ish and Aubameyang's bought at around £2, I aint selling anyone for a while not the way the prices are going up.

  • @Ollie im allowed to stack a player based on buying and selling him multiple times 😂😂

  • Trippier at 86p.

  • Nkunku purchased at 88p now selling at £2.02

  • I bought Pogba at £4.09 and still hold.

  • Salah, Neymar, Pogba, all well over £3 per share (Pogba as we speak is £4.36 per share profit)... In fact remember picking Salah up for a quid or so and selling for two... then buying a few for 2.50 and selling for a fiver or so then buying much more at six quid or so and currently holding!!!

    Proof that just because you sell doesn't mean you can't buy again!!!

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