• Loving the price drops on him, have a 100, wanted to invest today only to see him drop, thanks guys I can purchase more now. I have know doubt he will rise again and will score some goals soon.

    Decrease market lovely place to do some shopping....

  • Milner is too good at PB ;)

  • @Joking
    Any reason for the drop? Or just people cashing in on profit and putting it elsewhere you reckon?

  • Probably expecting pb and Mb after one game (Monday), then drop him, very short sighted but that’s what some people do!

    You will find that when PB starts properly then around match days prices really fluctuate.

  • @NewUser60527 A big drop considering the 4p on offer but people don't really think. At least Football Index makes plenty of commission from them.

    Keita actually put in a very reassuring score considering his goal threat and growing media profile so looks good at current price. I might pick some up, inevitably he will be on the top risers list tomorrow.

  • Drop due to a couple of people on FI Twitter talking his price down

    Not worried a correction is always possible after a steep rise

  • @NewUser60527
    I don't think it would be that big a drop just from not scoring. But yes that is certainly what a load of people are doing. Tbh I haven't seen enough evidence of him to be a £5+ player yet anyway but his price keeps rising and no doubt it will continue to do so!

  • I thought I got away with robbery selling at £5 and then he rose further, he is now sliding down, don’t personally think his current price tag is justified although what do I know!

  • @PB-man couldn't agree more, I've just lumped on him 👍

  • At RB Leipzig they called him the one man show! Considering he has only played two games there are certainly real glimpses of quality. I'm on him and as the season progresses I can only see him getting better. In a couple of years Real Madrid and Barca could come knocking on the door I believe he will be that good. A great long term investment 👍

  • @Gary2907 He truly is the absolute business. In the top 10% of midfielders for every stat.

    I don't usually buy players purely due to footballing ability (I prefer PB stats and div wins) but at 23 Naby can become the best midfielder in the world and might be in the mix already.

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