• Presumably FI remove wrong links to MB? Notice a few of ‘his’ stories today relate to Freddie Ljungberg (SP?).

  • They usually do

    It's happened before with Fred, he picked up articles on Freddy Flintoff, and I seem to remember articles about the increasing price of Freddos being picked up as well!

  • It'll be removed soon enough. Normally pretty quick at correcting these.

  • Guess FI have decided against removing the incorrect stories today then lol

    Will be pretty bad if he does win divi's because of it!

  • Looks like Freddie Ljungberg and Freddie Adu have won Fred holders a dividend today haha

  • I logged a ticket with them earlier & they replied back saying they'd remove them but think they're still there....

    Also suggested to them they find a way of validating the stories cause I often get my hopes up seeing Marcelo getting MB points only to see its not the Madrid one I hold! Seems daft that they have this reoccurring glitch day after day which they have to spot and remove manually.

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