Full/Wing Backs

  • Looks like traders are recognising their potential PB’s to be made from attacking minded defenders.

    With Trent’s price taking off I’ve decided to invest in Walker. When he returns he has the potential off the back of a couple good performances to hit £3 too.

    Anyone else back full/wing backs?

  • I'd need to see more consistent PB potential from full backs and wing backs in general.

    I looked into the stats at some point last season and particularly the Man City wing backs were being consistently outscored by their centre back colleagues.

    Maybe things have changed this season. Maybe not. I'll check the stats again once we're 10 games into the season.

  • I'm getting to grips with PB.. i avoid it like the plague but I love the dynamics of trying to work it out....

    For me clubs that have a lot of the ball and I mean pass, pass, pass are the ones where the defenders score highest... Maybe Liverpool for example play too direct from the CB's for them to score highly (unless they actually score in the match) but because they get it to the full backs who put crosses in regularly it is the likes of Robertson and TAA who score better than say Lovern and van Dijk on ave...?

    City are different... The two CB's whoever they are will probably have more touches than anyone else with slow build up play and when the full backs get it (which isn't as often) they play safer passes and are less direct than say how Liverpool would be? So different clubs will have different styles that makes the most out of their PB scoring defenders?

    I think Juve are similar to City with their CB's scoring highly and Napoli (under Sarri last year in particular) maybe more like Liverpool although Koulibaly often scores well? In Spain Barca full backs never score that well but we've seen already this season Dani Carvajal pick up a PB but then Varane usually has a lot of touches and gets points for simple things and despite him likely to pick up a card who would back against Ramos with his goal record?

    If i were looking for PB scoring defenders i wouldn't necassarily go on position but it would have to be players from the top team(s) in each of the big five leagues though...

    Mendy, TAA, VVD, Alonso, Pique, Ramos, Carvajal, Varane, Benatia, Sandro, Koulibaly, Rui, Kolarov, Meunier, Kimmich, Boateng, Alaba

    All the above should regularly pick up high scores just for the simple fact that the teams they play for dominate, don't concede many and they can all weigh in with the odd goal!

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