• Trading at 1.54. PSG interested? Thoughts? Then buy Kyle Walker Peters (1.01) as he will be valuable cover until January. What do you think?

  • I have both Rose and KWP, hoping for PSG to buy him rather than the very old Luis filipe

  • @Ermejo heard luis is a no goer. what split have you got between rose and kwp?

  • @NewUser52765
    Same amount of futures, like KWP as showed great potential when he (rarely) played, bought him hoping Aurer would bugger off and he would become Trippier alternative
    Bought Rose purely on the PSG speculation p, if he goes there he is in with a chance of winning dividends every time he plays in that team and his price should get a 50% increase so fingers crossed he goes there!

  • @Ermejo so hold if he moves for a while? I'm still pretty new to FI and am trying the get in and get out as soon as i have made a certain % on a trade. Need to look at dividends more.

  • Well, every trade is different really, in this case if Rose goes to PSG I would hold both, if he goes elsewhere or stay will need to consider if selling one or both
    In order to gain dividends you need to get players with high chances to do so, MB players are more predictable and therefore more expensive whilst there is more value in finding the right PB players, it can be a bit more tricky but more rewarding

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