Got £1000 to spend

  • Shall I got all out on a individual or spread it about ?

  • @NewUser84927
    Up to you, your portfolio size and trading preferences but would say spread it out

  • @NewUser84927 i'd say spread it out and why not checknout a data product to help you decide.

    Email for a free copy of all of last seasons data

  • @Ermejo got A lot of players 1500 up in less than year I was thinking if any player pogba but 1000 over a lot of young talent might be better thoughts?

  • I'd say split it across roughly 10-20 players, spreading the risk and also gaining in enjoyment as you track each of them as opposed to just one player.

    One player might make you more money if you pick the right one but it could be pretty risky!

    Good luck whatever you choose to do!

  • I’d look at this weekends fixtures, choose 2 or 3 players who you expect to perform. Split it on them. If they don’t perform the way the market is at the moment it’s unlikely they’ll drop so you can just hold onto them. If they do well, consider selling at 15% profit....

  • If it was me I would buy 1-2 key players that are playing in each of the 5 leagues with European football. That way you have a chance of MB/PB and potential growth in the player as they could be playing up to twice a week up to Christmas. Then look at your next strategy i.e potential transfers in January and into the summer. Just a thought.

  • As you say you already have a lot of players I would top up the top 3 younger dividend producers - Pogba/Neymar/Salah and then focus on Bundesliga players as there prices have not risen as much lately due to later starting season - maybe Puslic/Pavard/Forsberg/Kimmich to name just a few

  • Bash it down on three of your most fancied holds for a month and re-evaluate. You'll make a return as you know the craic having been on here a year. Pick well and you'll be sat on a grand + 25% easy

  • Spread the risk and make sure to get regular dividend winners would be my advice.

    Neymar and Pogba are two of the most undervalued players compared to dividend wins so stock up on them. Salah, Alexander-Arnold, Brozovic, James, Alaba should all return good amounts if you are looking for player suggestions.

    Try to ignore players who are being pumped short term without the returns to back it up.

  • Pulisic. Cant fail. Hes cheap as atm. And only 19 or 20

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