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  • Hi, fairly new here but I’m thinking off taking 2k out a savings account which doesn’t return much at all and putting it all into the index on 3/4 players big players which would probably be messi, pogba, mbappa and neymar and just leaving it for the full 3 year term as an investment just wondering what your thoughts are on this????? Thanks

  • Do it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Be careful holding Messi for 3 years as he will be 34 and his sale value may well be significantly lower at that point - maybe sell in 18 months. I agree with the other 3 but you may wish to hold some Salah.

  • I'd say your return after 2 months would be higher than 3 years in a bank. If you're planning on doing 3 years though I wouldn't pick Messi just because of his age. I would probably pick 10-12 top 25-27 year olds just incase one has a bad injury - or decides to go to China

  • @NewUser165961 I buy player who are on form and have plenty to offer in return profit wise,Don't just go for big names

  • On the Messi thing i would certainly purchase (and have done recently) due to the fact he is a strong PB hold... But I would review his performances in Jan, after 6 months and before the end of the season to see how his value holds up...

    For Mbappe, Neymar, Pogba, I do feel you should be able to leave them for the whole three years (Neymar & Mbappe especially) and you should see nice returns... That said I would have regular review points within that time as you don't know for sure how strong FI will be in three years time.

  • Cheers, yeah I did think that about messi but with no ronaldo in spain this year he will smash it even more. I haven’t just looked at big players I have a portfolio of 12 upto now which I also want to build up in time. From my little knowledge and research seems FI could be massive and the prices will mainly go up for the near future anyway (obviously could b very wrong )

  • If you don’t want to actively trade and generate regular returns if need to pick the top guns which are expensive and therefore won’t be able to purchase loads of
    Given the approach I would avoid older players, don’t think Messi can go in that category yet as only 31 and with plenty of dividends left in him, Ronaldo may be a different story as already 33
    Have a little dig around to find informations about regular winners and make your picks!
    Good luck

  • Put it on pog and mane

  • Do you get a warning about players coming up to the 3 year period? Thanks

  • buy Rodrygo its Ronaldo's replacement

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