Iago Aspas To Real Madrid?

  • Think there is any substance to this rumour?

  • Possibly Madrid need a striker to either back up or replace Benzema

    Lopetegui really likes Aspas and also Rodrigo Moreno of Valencia - he included them both in Spain's WC squad

  • Marca were touting Rodrigo in the news yesterday as a possible answer to fill their crisis short term and i'll be surprised if they don't sign someone before the deadline just to throw some weight!!!

    Any serious speculation could boost eithers immediate value so flippers be ready but if they do make the move they'll have pretty big boots to fill long term and i'm not sure if either will be able to do so?

    Surprised they didn't go all in for Lewandowski or perhaps Icardi and I feel they've left it a little late now..one guy who might do alright out of it is Benzema who's price has always been fairly affordable on FI

  • They are going to wait for Neymar next summer, I should think they need to save a bit first, what are we talking £250 million? Plus £500 grand a week.

  • @NewUser60527 On that basis get in on some benzema? I decided to get some aspas. Slight rise on the markets today due to the rumour.

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