Today's IPO player price charts...

  • This is a screen shot of Odsonne Edouard's chart from around 11am on his IPO day (24/8/18), announced release price for him was £0.80 :-

    0_1535105930699_Screenshot_20180824-110221_Samsung Internet.jpg

    The following is Matteo Guendouzi's chart, he was supposed to be released at £1.20 :-

    0_1535106290789_Screenshot_20180824-110143_Samsung Internet.jpg

    My first day having a good look at the IPO process, initially with the intent to get involved, I was well aware of the fact that they are "notoriously" difficult to buy at anything near launch price due to the volume of people buying as soon as they hit the market.

    It has been commented elsewhere that within seconds of their launch these two players were at around £1.25 and £2.30 respectively.
    I have read that unless you have a "buying bot" (wasn't aware of such a thing outside of ebay but would love to learn more) then forget buying at anywhere near launch price.

    However, my question is, why do both players charts start at the £1.25 and £2.20 points on the charts and not their £0.80 and £1.20 launch prices?
    The chart goes back to yesterday yet never shows the players at the official launch prices. I would expect a very steep growth curve straight after launch as people get in there quickly but not what I see here.

    Can anyone help with a quick and obvious explanation that I am missing?

    Also be interested to hear from anyone who, whether by luck or by using a "bot", can confirm that they managed to buy either of these players for less than the lowest price shown in these two charts.

    Thanks all, in advance.

  • My view is that the chart displays the average rather than exact price. The Green line tracks the average price and as the price jumped so quickly over a short space of time it starts at that price. The blue vertical lines indicate the high and low over that period. I may well be wrong but that's how I read them.

  • @NewUser114673
    So we're thinking that the incorrect price level prior to the launch time is just down to the limits of the software FI is using to create these charts?

  • @Legion

    Correct - the vertical line for an IPO gives you the launch price, although the graph is a little misleading as easy to read it as a much higher IPO starting price.
    A bot buyer would be nice to get in early - if it exists...
    IPO ticker watching is fascinating, but watching is best🧐

  • Buying bots are routinely used in financial markets & are clearly perfectly designed to take advantage of IPO's it is clear & obvious, at least to me, that they were used on Edouard buying loads from 80p upwards & instantly listing for reselling at 130, presumably a 50p turn was deemed the most profitable strategy, which is why he only appeared at 120 for manual bidding & has now stabilized around 130.

    I am not saying that it is totally impossible to buy below 120 but almost - how many manual buyers actually bought below 120? & how many buys did you manage?

    I am happy to have him at 130 as I see him at £2+ within 12 months & have not used a bot to achieve it.

  • Thanks for your responses, interesting stuff.

    So much for the old saying, "The early bird catches the worm", today it's more a case of, "The early bird flies in to see a flock of robot birds flying over the horizon with every worm from the garden" 😄

  • This is interesting. Would be good to know who did get the best early price here using the manual fair method of buying. List your prices if you think you got a really early one. I didn't :(

  • Not really early but I got Wan-Bissaka at £1.56 so very much as it was on the rise.

  • @NewUser114673

    Nice one 👍

  • @Bruno-M good idea, be interesting to hear what is humanly possible, don't expect anyone to give up their methods obviously, just give us mortals some hope 😊

  • Is this the new FI approach, that IS is nearly 6% on IPO's, or is this regular? 100 minus the (selling price divided by the buying price times 100). Matteo Guendouzi for example, 100-(2.53/2.53*100). 100-94=6%. Oh, and your 2% on top.

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