David Alaba

  • Before i buy some shares in Alaba can someone please explain why he is so much cheaper than Kimmich other than because of age? Alaba is currently £2.77 whilst Kimmich is £3.58. I understand Alaba was inured for part of last season but iv'e compared his pb max and pb base last season and Alaba is higher on both. I've also checked the Bundesliga site for stats (not sure how accurate and reliable this really is) and from 1,550 minutes alaba produced 2 goals, 3 assists, 24 shots, 9 fouls committed (1 yellow), 71 crosses from open play, took 16 free kicks and had a passing accuracy of 90.3% (from 1088 passes) compared to kimmich who from 2,399 minutes produced 1 goal, 10 assits, 9 shots, 17 fouls (1 yellow), 109 crosses from open play, took 4 free kick and had a passing accuracy of 90.3% (from 1,755 minutes). Both had similar duel win percentages with alaba having slightly higher aerial and kimmich having slightly higher ground as you would expect.

    As i see it both are similar style players (although i would probably say kimmich is probably the better of the two in terms of actually on the pitch) so from a FI point of vue alaba looks good value when compared against bayerns other biggest pb defender.

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts

  • I looked at (and might have even held for a bit) Kimmich last year and the biggest reason for his value over Alaba's was no doubt the World Cup... so there are probably more holders which will have an effect on the price... Also does he play MF more for Bayern? questionable? i suppose he also has 3 years on Alaba...

    On a statistical basis on PB only there are always arguments for 'undervalued' players verses those that might be considered as 'overvalued' but remember, sometimes players are just more attractive then others to buy too... People do buy on emotion and that might be because they know the league more (reason why EPL players esp young ones seem more expensive in general)... they might know the player better (in this case perhaps more like the look of Kimmich to Alaba) or they just feel that there is more growth in value on a non statistical basis?

    Who would I rather have in my team? I would go for Kimmich, so despite shots and fouls and who crosses more there is value in players outside PB... Sometimes it makes no sense... Dybala for example has been in the top 10 or 12 valued players for seemingly years... although i doubt he's ever won a MB and i don't remember him winning a PB... If it was all about PB why not instead go for Christian Stuani at 78p???

    My advice would be don't try and complicate it... but if you see a player that you feel is 'undervalued' then BUY HIM!!!!

  • @dannypea Most of this is reasonable but lol at buying Stuani instead of Dybala for PB.

  • Alaba, total PB returns = 0p
    Kimmich total PB returns = 28p Bayern / 4p Germany
    However, 24p of Kimmich's returns were from the triple PB payouts on later CL rounds, he has never won a PB when there were more than 4 teams playing!!!

    Both have great PB score averages but are so often beaten by a defender scoring a GWG.

    Personally hold neither and think there are much better / cheaper defenders for PB but that I guess would be the difference in their prices.

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