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  • New to FI - How is a negative news story likely to impact on a players price?
    Take Hugo Lloris for example, he's just been charged with drink driving.
    Obviously he is a GK and is 31 so re-sale value isn't going to be too high.
    I chanced it by buying 2 futures as soon as the story broke and he's now up by 1p (could just be coincidence) or could be people doing same thing as me?

  • Hi @DCoops9cfc , couple of lessons to be learned here!
    Only the top 200 are eligible for MB, so he'd have to rise about 1.30 to even come into contention.
    Negative stories in general are counted, but those relating to criminal activity are usually removed, so I don't think this would help you anyway.

    Good luck!

  • @BL__FI Always learning! Thanks, I appreciate the advice

  • @DCoops9cfc also, for the record, it's possible he has risen 1p due to you buying. On average a player rises 1p for every hundred bought so although you only bought 2 that could possibly have pushed it up by the 1p although unlikely 😀

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