Mbappe to overtake Neymar !!

    • Neymar currently £13.54
    • Mbappe currently £9.42
    • 7 year difference !! (26 and 19 respectively).
    • Both have a huge chance of getting the Balon D'or this season as Ronaldo and Messi are now aging.

    Personally I can see Mbappe overtaking Neymar at some point during this season, although Neymar has a better chance of getting MB dividends I can see Mbappe scoring more goals and having more of a chance of getting better points for the PB win....

    Let's hear your thoughts on this topic....



  • Please look at the data before discussing PB. Mbappe is nowhere near Neymar's level for PB currently and this has been discussed many times before.

  • @PB-man Although i agree with checking stats to backup a player's worth on FI.....this is a new season, players improve and Mbappe is improving every week, just look at Mbappe's performance/stats in the WC compared to Neymar's.

  • @AndyP32 And look at Pogba's world cup vs league.
    Different systems for teams means different performance.
    Sorry mate, I'd LOVE to agree as I hold heavy on him, but Mbappe isn't nailed on for this. Still massive potential, but I think Neymar will still rule PB unless Tuchel messes up massively.

  • I'm sure that Mbappe will become King of the Index at some point in the future. But can't see it happening this season (unless Messi, Salah and Neymar all suffer bad injuries).

  • @CleanShirtTrader There is really one thing that will define Neymar's season and that is whether he can keep his focus n the pitch because during the WC he was seriously distracted but like you said WC vs League, different competition different performance....

  • Absolutely no chance of Mbappe taking over from Neymar anytime soon unless serious injury to Neymar. When you look at how PB works Mbabbe would have to change how he plays dramatically to get the relevant number of touches to outscore him.

  • @AndyP32 Neymar had better PB stats than Mbappe at the World Cup though

  • @PB-man can I like this post more than once?

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