• Dropping £5000 in.. any suggestions ????

  • @NewUser81859 There are so many forums for people to pump their own players, why not explain your trading strategy so people can give you genuine advice?

    What are you looking for growth? long-term holds? short term flips? PB holds? MB holds?

  • Find yourself a good historic data source, either Noir4X's spreadsheets or Football Index Edge and pick players who have historically scored well on PB, you shouldn't go far wrong with this strategy

    Try and avoid users who are naming specific players as a lot of the time they are trying to pump their own players for personal gain, often at your expense

  • Am in for long term .. MB and PB players .. also looking for young players with good potential who will also grow in price.

  • Look into the reasons why expensive players are the price they are, read the rules because its become pretty obvious that newbies are not reading up on anything.

    PB RULES AND MB RULES, read many times.

  • @NewUser81859 said in £5000:

    MB and PB players are usually found in the top 200 (MB only qualifiers); plenty of good young prospects in the sub £2 lists which offer plenty of growth potential - my advice would be to spread it across quite a few players, so as to diversify the risk, as anyone can suffer a career ending injury at any time.

    Say target approx £100/player & double up on a couple of your favourite bankers & half on a few prospective gambles & you will end up with 40-60 players. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • @NewUser60527

    True mate .. tbh i been on this since Oct last year, so I wouldn’t consider myself new.. but had to take all the money out as I got married, but now am back in for long term.

    Already got few players in my portfolio but also looking at who else would be the right to buy. I Already have upto 20 players in my portfolio, I have others in mind but just looking to see if anyone else would suggest them.

  • @NewUser81859 Good man, I'll try and send over some data for PB / MB when I get home later. But as the already mentioned worth checking out the £1 a month data provided by @Noirx4 In fact on a separate forum he's offering last seasons data for free!!!!

    Before you start buying it's worth working how much you want to earn in PB / MB a month, most people will say 2% is good, so £1200 a year, when you divide that by days = £3.30 a day (approx) So you won't need 100s of every player so as mentioned look for 40-60 players?

  • 0_1535124129518_upload-162d72b0-ec98-43f8-bdda-04bc475147fd

    I've only included players who've returned over 50p and highlighted the players no longer eligible.

  • @AT10

    Appreciated mate,

    Thanks to everyone else aswell for your advice 👊

  • If you are in for the long term there I would spend a good % on Neymar, Pogba and Salah who should produce plenty of MB and potential PB over the next 3 years without there value dropping due to age (both Messi and Ronaldo could produce good returns but would probably see capital value fall as they age and would need monitoring closely) This would provide a good base for you to add a mixture of upcoming young players and good existing PB players. There are lots of players mentioned on the forums and like other posts beware of people pumping there own young lowly priced players! Currently I would take a look at the Bundesliga players as they seem to have seen less increases due to the season starting later I have recently bought Kimmich (though he has risen quite a bit) Forsberg who has fallen since the world cup, Pavard who looks cheap for a defender, Brandt who is young and in the German national squad and finally Pulisic who there is plenty of chat about. These are just a few obvious names that most on the index will hold in large portfolios so no real gambles and each at a different club so not competing with teammates for dividends. However there are plenty of others for you to look at but I do think there is more obvious value in Germany than elsewhere at this very moment. Good luck on your choices and hopefully you will unearth a couple of gems.

  • @NewUser81859 email noirx4@hotmail.com for last seasons free data

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