reserve price

  • Can anyone explain how setting a reserve price works please? I basically just did with the understanding that the player would only sell for the reserve price or above to find that they actually sold for way less leaving me out of pocket. Surely that the whole point of a reserve price so this doesn't happen?

  • Yeah, had the same thing happen to me - response from FI "Please be aware that reserve price is a repeated process that cancels sell orders in short periods. There is a small chance that if the price does go below the reserve price it will not be cancelled immediately." They should cancel thier commission when they fail to secure your reserve price!!

  • @NewUser85322 they should also make up the difference otherwise what's the point in having the reserve price facility. Sounds very convenient to me that on a few occasions the reserve price doesn't work.

  • I guess it's the same as a stop loss in trading stocks and shares. A stop loss isn't guaranteed either. If shares plummet quickly the shares may get sold below the stop loss. Similar principles, I suppose.

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