Pay Out For Media Buzz?

  • Am i right in thinking top 3 each day get a pay out? What values are placed on each position?

    Do people think media buzz is more for the long game? Is the main money to be made from price increases in players?

    Easier to predict price increases in players than say PB? Seems like PB is like fantasy football and could be very tricky. More relying on the player getting lucky against others competing rather than trying to predict long term growth which is measured over more time. Interested to here people's thoughts on this.


  • Hi Rob,

    Players rise due to the fact they should win MB or PB or the have the potential to earn it in the future - it can be predictable and I would recommend you subscribe to one of the providers of data. From this you can see trends and make informed decisions.

    In reality if there was no dividends it would just be fantasy football!

    For MB the top 3 get paid out when there are no matches at 8p/5p/2p and when there are matches just the top one at 5p.



  • Hi, I am also new to Football Index. Who provides data on all players PB historically? I mean the actual PB-scores in each measured category and not only the PB-scores in total. Thanks /Marcus

  • I use Noirx4 - he is offering last years data on a freebie to potential new clients

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