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  • Hi new to this, joined today.

    Understand most of the things on here, but the media ratings, why happens with negative press? Do prices still tend to rise because of column inches or do prices get hammered as people wouldn’t touch them with counterfeit?

    Also, is it worth buying players hoping for a quick trade if they have a soft run of fixtures or do prices not really rise on the back of one or two games?

    Thanks in anticipation

  • @NewUser171511 bad news are good news. Google it. Its psychology.

  • @NewUser171511

    With media, negative press will still give scores (if it’s something illegal though then it often gets removed). It just means a lower score. So could be a score of 10 or 20 instead of 80. So you’d need a lot of l them to get close to a payout on media.
    In addition it’s good to remember that only players in the top 200 are eligible for Media. So if you see someone is in the new a lot, even if it’s positive, but they’re not in the top 200 then they won’t receive any points.

    For the second question, yes prices can go up for games. A lot of people buy players looking weeks in advance expecting a price rise and sell around 24 hours before the game. If you hold when the game is on then their price can shoot up of they play well with loads of people getting on. Likewise, if you held but they’re on the bench and don’t even start then you could see their price fall. I personally hold a lot of players for the Pb long run so don’t worry about the mini rise and falls on game day. But yes, if you play it right then money can be made this way

  • @FranklynMary cheers for your time 👍

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