Dividends ,,,,how often?

  • Hi I’m new to football index,, I’m in small profit and have recived one didvidend I’ve countinued to stay in profit but haven’t had any more dividends. I’m wondering how often you get them???

  • @NewUser166856 dividends are paid out daily for the top media or performance players on any day - see the column on the right hand side of the screen for yesterdays winners. (Not sure if this is the question you're asking?)

    So if you own those players you can (in theory) win dividends every day.

    Personally, I've been on here for a while so feel my portfolio is fairly well targeted at buzz pay outs so it's a disappointing day if I don't get a dividend of some value (Might be the question you're asking!)

  • @AT10

    Thanks so it’s not like if your in profit with every player you will receive dividends for all of them. only the ones selected by football index

  • @NewUser166856 you only get profit when people buy the players you own causing their value to increase. Similarly the value of your players goes down if other people sell them.

    FI isn't like a savings account or an investment where you get dividends for being in profit. The top media buzz player every day ie the player with most newspaper articles on the qualifying news sites wins 5p per share owned. The top forward, midfielder or defenders per day wins either 4p 6p or 8p performance buzz divudends per share depending on how many games are being played and then the overall top scoring player wins an extra amount as well.

    It's nothing to do with FI selecting them, their are proper rules behind the winning of the dividends.

  • @NewUser166856 No unfortunately not. Definitely worth reading up on the dividend rules before you invest too much.

    Basically media buzz is 5p per share on a match day (games in PL / Ligue 1 / Serie A / La Liga / Bundesliga / Champions league or Europa league) or 8p first place, 5p second and 2p third on non-match days. FI collect stories from lots of difference media sources and each story is rated using some system and given a score, the winner(s) being those with the highest score(s) at midnight.

    Performance buzz is all scored by Opta based on the scoring matrix (you'll find it in the rules), the top defender/goalkeeper, top midfielder, top striker all earn dividends, and the highest score gets a bonus. 1-4 games = 4p + 2p bonus star, 5-14 = 8p + 4p, 15+ games 12p + 6p.

    That's a quick explanation, check out the academy as well for more info.

  • Perfect thanks 👍🏽

  • @NewUser166856 i tend to earn dividends 28 days in a month rarely manage to scrape the full 30/31. But my profile is very pb focussed

  • Hi newbie here also. My balance and dividends are in separate columns. Can I transfer my dividends to my balance? Or how do I cash out my dividends? Many thanks!

  • Seem to be winning them 3/4 times a week on average- follow the daily Tips threads

  • @Skydog Your dividends are already part of your balance but are also shown separate so you know how much you are making via dividends.

    Welcome to the platform.

  • @stig7tfm thanks for the clarification.

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