• Why has he he dropped so much last night

  • @NewUser156918

    Scored and still got an average PB score.
    It drives a lot of the price.

  • How do you look at what pb scores they get still dint think he would drop surly he will go back up

  • @NewUser156918

    You can use a data product or check the final rankings before the end of the day. I checked around 10pm yesterday.

    Lewa had around 130. Bertrand Traore for Lyon had 170 something.

    Lewa seems to score goals but not much else. Not good for pb.

    As it is first game of season, small sample so people will sell. If this changes as he plays more, he will rise.

  • Lewa is a "goal hanger" like Kane, Immobile, Cavani, etc who only really touches the ball to put it in the net

    So his baseline is low which means his PB scores can be low. However winning PB is not about having high average PB scores but about hitting peak PB scores

    So 30 goals a season guys like Lewa will hit a peak PB score several times a season when they hit a hatty or get 2 goals with a GWG

    Selling a player like Lewa because of one low PB score is not great planning IMO just have to hold and be patient he the best striker for the best club in a league with a lot of crap teams...

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