instant sale

  • Bought emile smith rowe 24th aug
    immediatley price went down tried to sell in immediate sell
    message came up immediate sell temporarilly unavailble on this footballer
    its been 24 hrs now anyone shed some light

  • Please read the advice for new users or the info shared on IPO preview page before buying IPOs.

    Instant sell is suspended on all new IPOs for the first few days. The drop you are seeing is people put him into the sell queue. Be prepared that when the IS is open his price will probably drop as people scramble to cash out their gains.

  • @AT10
    A lesson learned thanks

  • @NewUser84041
    Instant sell can be unavailable for weeks when a new IPO is added. There’s no set definite time, it’s just when FI feel they won’t get stung. Could be a few days and could be longer. A lot of us have learned the hard way

  • @NewUser84041

    There are loads of ways to lose money. You just experienced it the hard way. I try and tell all new users to avoid the IPO process.

    I implore you to read the fuck out of these forum pages and topics. I've been here over 6 months. Some have been here for years.

    We all made the same mistakes as you.

    We all try and advise the newbies to avoid the pitfalls, to read the forums, and to ask questions before you part with your hard earned cash.

    Learn the rules (written and unwritten) before you play the game.

    All the best for the future, and any questions, just ask away ... there are alot of decent users on the forum, who will happily help.

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