Raphael Varane

  • Can someone please explain why he is so much cheaper than Ramos and other CBs? Does he not get good PB scores? Seems bizarre considering he plays fro Real Madrid, won almost every final he’s been in (WC incl.) and is only 25. What am I missing?

  • @NewUser104447

    Ramos takes the pens. Ramos scores goals. Varane doesn't. Simple as that really ... if my stats are right, he played 44 games in total last season, and didn't score a single goal.

    The new Real Madrid manager appears to have a particular bias towards Spanish players, so he is not guaranteed a game every week ahead of nacho.

    He is just another example of a top class player in real life, being mediocre in the football index world. There are loads of players like this.

  • @NewUser104447

    I really believe that Varane will come good. If he plays for Real, he’ll be in contention for the odd GWG and clean sheet for the next few years.

    If he doesn’t get gametime, he’ll be linked with moves to PSG, Man Utd, and Bayern.

    Low risk high reward investment for me. He’s a world class defender and worth much more than £2 on the Index.

  • Got any idea what his Pb was like in the World Cup ?

  • @playingcards1 why do you think hes gonna do better? Hes been around years. Bang average

  • @Porkisgood bang average?! He’s only won the WC, x 4 CL, x2 La Liga before turning 26....

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