Missing players for PB

  • Tracking live scores for PB - Sebastien Haller, FWD for Frankfurt - goal & an an assist but not even showing as a player.!?.........does this happen? I'll contact customer services but anybody aware of things like this?

  • @NewUser136909
    Was just wondering the same. I have a few Haller futures but can't see him on the list at all. Did you get any response from FI?

  • @NewUser136909
    I was also wondering this. Was searching down the list but couldn't find him. A goal, assist and win means he must have scored relativey high and I can't imagine he's down in the minus (must have had a shocker for the rest of the game if he is).

    In fact, if you look at the PB list, there seems to only a limited number of players on there. Is there a restriction on which players qualify for PB?

  • @metropolis It should only list the players who've played in a PB eligible game today and who are available to buy on FI.

    Unfortunately it happens that some players aren't added until someone notices, I contacted them last week regarding Lautero Martinez, he started for Inter but no PB results. I remember it happen a few times in the early IPO expansion days when they were adding 50 players a day, but no excuses, they've had all summer!!!

  • I've received a standard template reply saying they are catching up on missing dividends - not the question as he wouldn't have won.
    I've replied asking the question again!

  • Yet another issue to add to the ever growing list of problems with the platform.

    They really need to get their act together as it must be putting people off depositing further funds.

  • @NewUser136909

    Same here. Also emailed and received the standard reply. Hopefully resolved soon.

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