What are dividends?

  • What are dividends and what can I do with them?

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    Read the rules mate. Or go to the football academy if you can find it. It's all pretty much explained in there. If your still struggling, sure come back and ask again.

    We love helping newbies, but please don't be afraid to help yourself.

    We are not 'football index support'. We are just normal punters like you.


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    There are two types of dividends: Media Buzz and Performance Buzz.

    Media Buzz dividends have two different payout types: Single Media and Triple Media. Single Media days are when there are eligible Performance Buzz games also taking place. In this instance, the top Media player at midnight receives 5p dividends for each future you own in that player.

    Triple Media is awarded on days where there are no games being played. Here, the top 3 Media players are awarded dividends at 8p, 5p and 2p for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

    Performance Buzz has 3 different payout levels: Single, Double and Triple Performance. The payouts for these days are:

    Single - Top Player 2p; Top GK/Defender, Midfielder, Forward 4p each.
    Double - Top Player 4p; Top GK/Defender, Midfielder, Forward 8p each.
    Triple - Top Player 6p; Top GK/Defender, Midfielder, Forward 12p each.

    Dividends are deposited directly into your cash balance and can be used instantly to purchase more futures, or withdrawn. It's also worth pointing out that the Dividends number shown in your account stats is just a running total to help you see how much you've won and not a separate balance.

  • @FootyIndexScout comprehensive mate, well done.

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