Bargain hunting ??

  • My initial frustration at another set of wholesale changes has been replaced by my bargain-hunting head ...

    Quick scan = Valencia, Robben, Iniesta, Martial, Balotelli & Vardy, Carroll, King, Lacazette (if they find form) ??

    Any thoughts in general following the changes?

    Or to put it another way, help!

  • I bought Erikson (£2.30) because he's a better player than Coutinho (currently £3.47), and performance dividends are now more than media dividends. That's a player to invest in.

  • Ivan Perisic @ 1.16 was ridiculous value...

  • I put too many poachers in the list I think - Lacazette will have a good all-round game once he gets going, he's a real team player. Martial looks really good

  • Griezmann might have been over-looked

  • I think this is a very good thread!

    I see that Pulisic didn't increase yesterday and he is a consistent performer around 110 opta points so when the assists and goals come (which they will by Dortmund's playing style) he should be a good value.

    Moreover, I think Koke/Saul will be a good investment and then Draxler/Di Maria as I believe that one of them is going to have a PL transfer in January or the summer and they are good in scoring opta points.

    In terms of defenders I think Kyle Walker is the one to watch as he has been consistently a few points behind John Stones.

  • @NewUser59855 said in Bargain hunting ??:

    I bought Erikson (£2.30) because he's a better player than Coutinho (currently £3.47), and performance dividends are now more than media dividends. That's a player to invest in.

    Erikson better player than Coutinho lmao

    Better value, yes, but better player, you're having a laugh.

  • @Fitzybear Yeah I agree, actually think Coutinho will be very good for PB - managed a good points total in his first game without playing 90mins and without scoring (which he is particularly good at) - Also agree that Eriksen (2.30) is undervalued compared to similar players

  • He will also pick up a lot of MB especially come the January transfer window. That being said, I have changed my mind, Erikson is not better value than Coutinho, good player and value yes but not better. When Coutinho gets back to last seasons form, he will be winning a lot of PB while picking up more and more MB along the way as transfer speculation will continue. Both Coutinho and Sanchez earned me a lot of MB payouts over the summer, they will do the same mid and end of season. Both need to be in everyone's portfolio.

  • Mane is due back soon so buy him before he goes back up in price

  • Mane still the best liverpool player to own, word is that big clubs want him now and it's easy to see why. Though they could just be using this as a tactic to destabilise Liverpools star man a little bit.

    As for Draxler I think he is heading out the door at PSG possibly in January to help offset their summer spending and balance the books. Di Maria also, but of the two I can really only see Draxler in the Prem after Di Marias time at United.

    Also I think Neymar wants the number 9 role and is trying to force Cavani out at the end of the season.

  • Further potential bargains in my eyes are:

    Leory Sane, lad had a great outing when he scored his brace recently with both goals screaming class player in the making. Another outting like that and he will fall on everyones radar and you can kiss goodbye to 1.4. Man City will have a tonne of good performances this season the way they are playing and he'll play his role imo. He's also a German international, which makes him a potential world cup winner this summer.

    Marco Asensio, dipped back to 2.3, possible Balon dor winner in the making and possible future line leader for club and country. 2.3 could be cheap as chips if investing for the long term, especially when you compare him to the likes of Mbappe who is over a pound more expensive but is in the same category really imo. Also a potential world cup winner.

  • Just got in on John Stones @ £2 he could do well for PB with the way City are playing

  • I don't think there are any bargains out there amongst defenders anymore. They're more likely to spread out PBs between them than other positions

    Hope I'm wrong

  • @NewUser56882 Sead Kolašinac looks like he'll have a great season and Arsenal have an easy run of games coming up for the next month or so, he's shown he knows where the goal is and so 1.17 is basement territory now that the implied value of performance players has essentially doubled. This looks good value to me.

  • Hate to say it but Leroy Sane showing his class as I said, so cheap and clearly going places at only 21.

    Many class displays recently adding up and will likely really flourish over the next 12 months under Pep and with the World Cup coming up...

    Showing he's also going to be contending for PB now so get in at the ground while you can lads...

  • @Eric-Cantona said in Bargain hunting ??:

    Ivan Perisic @ 1.16 was ridiculous value...

    This too, now 1.51...

  • @The-Chartist

    Not sure why people have sold Perisic today with him top of the Buzz...

    My chart is giving me a price target of 1.80

    Oh well I'm more than happy to wait

  • @The-Chartist Is it an overly simplistic question to ask how you predict using your charts?

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