Not receiveing an Dividends

  • I'm a total newbie to this, however in the last few days I haven't received any buzz dividends even though my players have been at the top of the buzz feed or at least second at the end of the day. Any ideas?

  • @NewUser170323 So last nights has just been paid. Occasionally there's a little delay.

    Regarding 2nd place, it's only top 3 media buzz on non-match days i.e. no games in top 5 leagues / CL / EL. Otherwise it's just dividend for 1st place on media buzz.

    Hope that answers the question.

  • Thanks you. It does answer my question ... however if that's true, it makes my situation worse and I should have received more than I initially calculated. :(

  • List the players and and what dividends they should have won Mb/pb

  • @NewUser170323 also you have to have bought the player before 2pm on the day they win the dividend.

  • I thought it was 24 hours before?

  • @NewUser171977

    Nah, it's definitely 1400 hours on the day of the dividend payout.

  • @NewUser60527

    I've had two days where Paul Bagba should have yielded me something and Salah. If not at the highest of the buzz media, then certainly 2nd. Admittedly, having only started this week, I've not looked into pb ... which I assume is Performance Buzz.

    I understand that you need buy before 2.00 pm ... i'm sure I saw a YouTube vid where the person said 3.00 ... anyway the point is, I've had these player since i started this week. I've earned 12p, but since then I think there's only been one day where I haven't had someone in the top 3, or at least 2nd place in the mb.

  • Last night I took a screen shot just after 12:00pm and it was Salah .... and yet no dividends in my account. But as I said, this hasn't been the first day this has happened.

    So going by previous reply I'm guessing the reason there's been no payout on the bp is becasue it was match day,,is that right?

  • @NewUser170323

    Salah definitely won MB yesterday, so contact customer services, if nothing is showing in your transaction history. You should have received your dividends by now.

  • @NewUser170323
    If you've owned Pogba and Salah for the past 7 days (assuming you purchased them before 2pm on the 19th), you should have received dividends on the following days:

    19 August (Single Media) Pogba 1st 5p
    20 August (Single Media) Salah 1st 5p
    21 August (Triple Media) Pogba 1st 8p
    22 August (Triple Media) Pogba 2nd 5p
    25 August (Single Media) Salah 1st 5p

  • Bing .... lo and behold my dividends are now showing 17p up from 12p. However I'm sure I had a hit on Friday. If I remember rightly I think Fred was at the top of the mb on Friday, but I had someone in the top 3.

    Anyway, many thanks, and I'll keep my eye on it.

    Is strange that I've had to wait mid Sunday afternoon, for Sats (12pm) dividend payout?

  • @NewUser170323
    That's correct, Fred won on Friday but as it was a Single Media day, he was the only player to receive dividends for Media Buzz.

  • @FootyIndexScout said in Not receiveing an Dividends:

    That's correct, Fred won on Friday but as it was a Single Media day, he was the only player to receive dividends for Media Buzz.

    I thought there was a dividend for 2nd and 3rd place as well???

  • @NewUser170323 only on days where there is no qualifying games. Which is hardly ever once the seasons have started! It’ll be 3 places in international break

  • I'm used to trading on clubs, not individual players. This will be a steep learning curve :)

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