Keita huge drop

  • I know Liverpool weren't great yesterday, but what's with the 0.32 drop on Keita, last week he was the best thing since sliced bread.. opinions of him rising again or dropping more ?? Not going to sell but just curious what people think :))

  • @Mwerdna

    People are cashing in on the profit. All players rise and fall. Folks are maybe realising he is now overpriced and is playing in a competitive midfield, where anyone of them could realistically win PB.

    Just remember, it's not a profit or loss until you cash out. If he has a couple good games and scores a few goals, I'm sure you will be back in the green in no time!!

  • His price always looked a bit odd to me. Think people were betting on him to be this year's Salah but he isn't a striker so therefore less likely to hit media.

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