Huge drop in Riyad Mahrez

  • This week Riyad Mahrez hasn't risen back up again like the previous weeks and my loss is quite big. I have about 200 shares in him so quite worried about this. Is this something that's quite normal? Will he go back up again?

  • Its just a reaction for him not getting the game time at the minute, im gonna hold on to mine as i think as the games pile up over xmas and new year he’ll play more.

  • @NewUser163188

    Nope, that's him, he will never ever rise again.

    He's done for ... abandon ship, abandon ship!!!

    I jest.

    All players rise and fall. This is a gambling platform. Never forget that.

    The difference here is that you have 3 years for mahrez to rise again. So shut yer eyes, stop panicking and forget about him for a while.

    If he doesn't at least go back your original buy price within the next 3 years, I'll reimburse your losses ...

  • Same as Fabinho. No game time. You'll only lose if he never plays a game. That won't happen. There loads of peaks and troughs. You'll be fine soon as he has a run of games. Don't panic just yet

  • so worth buying on the dip? or monitor hi price over the next few days?

  • I have noticed that the market hasn't been very patient with players who haven't started games in this first week or two. Got my eyes on some who have dropped that I'm hoping come into teams and can pick up at a bargain price!

  • Forget about profit or loss in a player you already hold. It's irrelevant and nothing you can do about it now. The question is, does he offer value now?

    I've been watching Mahrez very closely for the last 36 hours and I bought in at £2.81. His drop seemed to have slowed down considerably and I expect him to do well for Man City sooner that later.

    If I buy at 2.81 then it follows that I suggest you should hold, otherwise why would I buy him. Get over profit and loss in a player, you'll end up holding a loss when you no longer think he's valued and selling a player when you think he'll rise further. Difficult thing to get over but most traders have this realisation in time.

  • Hes shit.

  • He'll come back, once the season gets going he will play a lot I'm sure

  • He will need time to adjust to Pep's style of play imo, at LCFC he was quite rightly the king of the castle (along with Vardy) but clearly is just one of the minions in the depth of the mcfc squad.....not the best of starts considering he was subbed in his first game and has been warming the bench since.........most lcfc fans thought this is where he will end up at mcfc....

    I hope he makes as he clearly has the talent and is a lcfc legend but jury is still out if he will really step upto the grade to watch from a distance imo.....

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