Money to be made on players on the cusp of top 200?

  • Been thinking. Worth investing in players at the top of squad lists a few pence from making the top 200?

    Anyone tried this strategy before?

  • I often do it. Just quick flipping really. Only 10/15% profit.

    I tend to look at players who peak and trough often between 150 and 300. There quite a few players in and out of top 200. There's money to be made there for sure

  • strange that on the indix some top 200 prices are lower than some of the squad players. Why is this?

  • @NewUser52765
    This is because the Top 200 is set for 24 hours. The highest priced Squad List players will move up to the Top 200 taking the place of those lower priced for the next day. Kind of like promotion/relegation each day based on the current highest priced 200 players.

  • Interesting. Would be good to see what impact the exposure of being in the top 200 has on price.

  • @Rob essentially none unless they come on and start posting big mb numbers like alisson. If insert generic la liga club player gets promoted it makes 0 difference as they will likely never win mb and were already in for pb.

    Any analysis implying a rise based on this i would say is almost certainly correlation not causation. Ie they were rising anyway them moving into top 200 was not a factor

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