How can you make money on?

  • Triple days?

    I mean looking at the number of defenders eligibale is saying 220.

    Realistically what would you say the odds of predicting a PB on this?

    It just seems so hard to predict. Do any of you stay clear of PB and just focus on player rises as a result of transfer spec and PB div history?

  • It's hard to predict any single day yes but over the course of a season there are strong PB players who regularly do well. It's worth looking at past data I'd say and start keeping an eye on who is scoring well this year

  • It is very hard to predict and the advice is not to buy a player just for one PB game. He's unlikely to win PB and you'll lose out overall / compared to the market. If you are holding for PB then give yourself a fighting chance of getting a win.

    Equally don't dump players on one game (Isco anyone? Mahrez, Verdi etc etc).

    Assuming you follow these rules then it comes down to who and why you take out a PB position. It's not as random as it seems. Max Gradel has always scored well for PB. Ask @Noirx4 he was on about him during the summer.

    Off topic but I'd have included 'treble PB' in my topic title, more likely to get responses from people who have the answer.

  • And good call from the guy on FIG's podcast who tipped Gradel last week in the game he lost 4-0!

  • You could look at a team that plays a lot of Friday and Monday fixtures and pick a few players from those teams

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