Confused & disillusioned

  • Hi, I'd appreciate some help or advice. I've been playing the Index for a few months now - seemed a perfect fit for me as a fantasy football addict & sports gambler!

    Did ok over the summer with transfer speculation (mainly Coutinho) and was about £75 up.

    However, since season has started and particularly last few weeks almost all my players values have plummeted. And I can't understand why. Bought lukaku at £6, he's firing goals in, top scorer in the Prem and United are top of the league. But he's dropped almost £2! Similar with Jesus & Morata - both scoring goals in teams playing well. So why the huge drops in value?

    Seems little point in playing the Index if the values plummet randomly & unrelated to what is happening in real football.

    Seen a few posts on the forum this morning saying similar - is the Index in trouble? Shame as I enjoyed the first few months but feeling totally disillusioned with it now and considering quitting. Just wanted some advice from some pros - am I playing Index wrong or is it time to quit?

  • Its all about performance buzz and lukaku playing as a lone striker hasnt got much chance of winning it. Neymar messi dybala insigne on the other hand do as they have more to there game than just scoring.

  • Player values all depend on how much dividends (from media/performance buzz) they can bring in. Unfortunately, Lukaku, morata, jesus are going to struggle to win the PB, and aren't really great for MB either.
    Lukaku and morata were overpriced because of all the media buzz they were getting over the transfer window. Jesus was overpriced because people expected him to get more media buzz than he is getting in reality.
    Now with the introduction of PB, there are much better and cheaper options out there that can win dividends, and the market is adjusting.
    Going forward, with the introduction of double performance dividends, there are plenty of opportunities out there to turn things around.

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