Impact of Scoring A Goal Yesterday In The Prem

  • Wanted to test to see how a goal scored impacted player price. I looked at the 24 hour chart of every scorer yesterday. Most make hardly any return whatsoever. Maybe a 1 pence gain if that.

    Only done it on a small sample covering games in the prem. Even Sallah scoring didn't impact his price.

    What are your thoughts on goals? Only impacts price unless its a major one which contributes to a PB score?

  • @Rob Yeah exactly. I understand that there are a lot of new people at the moment but the fluctuation in price and people buying and selling based on one Performance is bizarre at the moment.

    Having been on FI for approx 18 months I've seen prices rise and fall but nothing like it has been the start of this season. Not sure people understand that they won't win any dividends if they buy after the 2pm deadline? Plus anyone you sell you will lose a percentage of commission, so for me you are better choosing a core of players and sticking with them for the long game rather than bouncing from one player to the next trying to chase the Performance buzz winners because usually a player who wins the buzz rarely wins it again for at least a good few weeks.

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