Buying and selling points

  • I just wondered how people decided on good times to sell really.

    I feel like I generally know the kind of players who might grow in value, but I’m finding knowing when to sell a lot harder. What cues have people picked up on?

  • @NewUser36672 when you are happy with the profit you've made. If it's a player who is at his peak with little chance of improving further, then maybe sell. If you think there's further potential to rise maybe hold. All profit is good profit. Sometimes you sell too early but if you were happy with what you'd made the time does it matter. It will generally always even out when sometimes you sell at the right time before a player falls in value again. On the whole I can still only see the platform in general growing further so if you hold a player who falls 20 or 30p they will always more often than not rise again with a positive performance.

    Everyone just chill. All is good, you have all still arrived at a good time.

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