Is not Rabiot a great option?

  • PB 188 last time, young and plays in PSG who will dominate possession in Ligue 1. Costs 2.28 (comparing to Jorginho, Kroos, Thiago he seems undervalued). What do you guys think?

  • He's a yo-yo player. Up and down all the time. I've bought him loads of times but don't currently own him. I think he's a gamble at his current price. That said, he may move soon if he doesn't sign a contract. There is potential for a further rises, but I'm holding off a minute

  • I think he's a great option, although I hold him so am biased...

    His PB score on the weekend was without any goals or assists and I believe he posted a score of ~170 in the first Ligue 1 match too (albeit with a goal).

    Whether it's the motivation from missing the World Cup squad or Tuchel playing him a different way, it seems he's grown up and hopefully can continue growing into one of the best CMs in football. Like you say with PSG dominating possession, I can imagine him coming very close to winning PB on the day where he grabs a goal.

  • @Johar

    I agree with you and think he can put up similar PB scores many times because of the dominance of PSG. And he is young so there is room for improvement.

  • Love him great potential and great buy

  • @PaulR

    Why do you mean he would be a gamble at the current price?

  • @KingZ Because he's the highest price he's ever been. If the new manager keeps playing him then he probably won't drop but you never know. The market appears to have less consistency at the moment.

  • Looks like Barca move could be on the cards

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