Man Utd - World's Biggest Football Club

  • OK, so this is a subjective question and possibly more football related, but curious to know your thoughts.

    Man Utd are the world's biggest football club (in terms of value) and this has a large impact on FI - especially the media element and therefore players values. With performances (and results) deteriorating on the pitch at a rapid pace, how long can this status be maintained? Its obvious from the past 5 years that the issues go deeper than the manager and even a change in management is unlikely to put them in a position where they can realistically call themselves the biggest club in the world, but would generate massive media attention (Zidane?). As far as I know, the players score average PBs at best and are basically relying on the reputation and status of the club for their value. For a while now, to me it's felt like a bit of a con, only to see Pogba lap up MB after MB for trivial attention seeking.

    The commercial element of the club however has never been better but how dependent is this on results and performances? In the short term, recent success is still fresh in the mind so not a problem, but looking forward, do you think they will be replaced as the top club, and if so, when and by who? Liverpool are my choice for the UK, as they have both historical success and current popularity. Man City lack the history of Utd, and will take some time to catch. Further afield, Barcelona or Real Madrid will likely topple Utd sooner rather than later. Possibly this season if Utd fail to qualify for the Champions League? Or continue with their style of play. How long before Utd's status as a top 4 team is reflected in players value (and the current value of the club)? And how long before a poor performance or result no longer creates headlines?

    So, what do you think and will we see a shift? How long can Man Utd survive on past success and reputation of the club and how will this affect players on FI? If Real Madrid or Barcelona become the biggest club, will they increase in value or is it the UK centricity of FI which drives players' value? As a side question, which clubs do you foresee an increase in status, and which, a decline?

  • When I was a kid, United were struggling in the league - in the 1980s they finished outside the top 10 three times in four years and didn't win the league for about 25 years but were still maybe considered to be the biggest club in the country - maybe alongside Liverpool, sometimes the boundaries between big and good are blurred. If they do struggle then their 'big-ness' may go into hiding but it will still be there. There is so much money in football that I doubt they will be allowed to drop too far.

    Regarding the Index - media buzz is sourced from English media so the biggest media-friendly clubs in England will get the most media. United also have the 'United in the name' bonus. So the only way that Barcelona and Real Madrid would take over from United in terms of media value is if they relocated to England and called themselves Real United or something.

    Now what could happen is that if say hypothetically the Premier League became dominated by City and Liverpool or City and Chelsea then these two clubs could take over as the biggest media pull but it might take a long time. United have the most fans so more people are interested in their articles so more articles get written. Liverpool are probably second. City are a way behind in terms of fan base and history which is why they generally under-perform on media.

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