• Where do you see his price by the end of the season?

  • Current rumours are madrid are still interested in him so he will rise today at least then if he goes to spain he will drop to £3 to £3.50....

  • I think he can get up towards £5.00 area. For starters, the English media are a little fascinated by him meaning he is likely to appear in media buzz. Secondly, the lad is still improving. I don’t think last season was a fluke and in City’a games this season he has looked a real threat. Some of his running from deep is very intelligent and he seems to becoming a real focal point of their attack. Stories around the new contract/transfers are likely gonna run for a while too. I think their is a bit of juice still in current price

  • @NewUser164540 Held him and he never won me PB or MB.

  • His forms been a little off lately even at World Cup there was a pebble in is boot.

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