• Correct me if I'm wrong but a keeper is unlikley to win best defender, unless they save 2+ penalties or score a goal which would most likley be an equaliser. So why is there no best goalkeeper category? Surely it would increase the prices of keepers and might be interesting as I suspect it would be even harder to predict who would win it.

  • You’re a year late to this party mate ;)

    I think it will happen at some point, albeit not soon.

  • @NewUser148487 because it would mean FI paying out more dividends which they probably dont want to do.

  • @Stevo said in Goalkeepers:

    @NewUser148487 because it would mean FI paying out more dividends which they probably dont want to do.

    True, but it would encourage trading in players of that position which in turn would boost their commission

  • @Jason-W I agree with you mate, goalkeepers are currently pretty redundant which is why the ridiculous rise in some over the last few weeks has been crazy.

    I think because for example on a single match day you only have 2 keepers to choose from so everyone would lump the money on to get the dividends. I think it will be on consideration but I reckon they may pay out maybe a quarter of what they do for other positions which I think would be fair.

  • @Stevo Good point, didnt think if theres only one match! That said if they did wouldnt keepers become way overpriced and plently more commission as I'd suspect it wouldnt be the big names winning.

  • @NewUser148487 it's hard to tell really. Maybe so but people may buy and keep hold of keepers for the full 3 years if that happened whereas FI want people to be buying and selling all the time to constantly get the commission.

  • The problem is there are not enough goalkeepers for FI to consider it in my opinion.

    4 leagues, say 25 teams in a league, that’s only 100 goalkeepers if all of them were available, so the odds for us are brilliant to win PB, then an arrow that down to the best ones and teams ect ect.

    I just plucked that that out of the air but I imagine its along those lines.

  • The problem for FI is that if it is going to grow then the new users need somewhere to put their money. We are reaching the point where players aren't going to be worth their price on dividends so people will have no-where to put their money.

    Now when users flat-line that's fine and it becomes a trading game where more people lose that's fine but for now, there is no point growing if there is no-where to put the money so dividends need to rise sooner or later.

    However they don't want the naymar's and so on to be too expensive so a cross the board dividend rise isn't viable unless they share split as well. The answer seems to be making more players worth investing in - keepers seems to be the obvious one but there are other options as well:

    -Maybe an U18s player of the day - the good thing for FI is this would be an interesting dynamic as players become ineligible for age wise leading to sell-offs
    -Maybe open up another five leagues working to their own dividend structure but at a much lower rate (important to make sure they don't become more valuable than top 5 league players)

  • @mike778 I completely agree. The dividends should be rising again. I have found it difficult to find value now. My Portfolio is stagnating also, even though I have young players with very high PB scores for their age at big clubs.

  • @HappyLarry59855 There seem to be plenty of big rises every day in the squad and top 200, maybe you should consider altering/expanding your strategy to take advantage of what is happening in the market? It's not FI's responsibility to make you money, is it? Or if you're determined to stick to young, long-term holds, don't be surprised if the results aren't immediate (hence long term) ...

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